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25.  Better than Viagra

“MaleExtra is better than Viagra and that is saying a lot. Since hitting my 40’s my erections and sexual stamina have waned, yet being a sexually active guy I have tried a number of methods to enhance my performance. MaleExtra has helped me to do just that with none of the risks, dangers or soreness that accompanies Viagra. It has even helped me to increase my penis size by 1.5 inches when erect! Definitely one I would recommend to others who are looking for 100% natural enhancements.”- Richard Clarke, Lawyer, Australia

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26.  Improved fertility

“I can’t thank you guys enough for MaleExtra. After 2 years of trying, me and my partner are finally having a baby and it is all thanks to you. Within days of trying MaleExtra and practicing your penile exercises my erections were harder, my penis longer and my ejaculate volumes were more than 5 times larger.”  - Ben Phillips, Pharmacist, US, Canada

27.  Treatment for premature ejaculation

“Since I was a teenager I have always suffered from premature ejaculation. I suppose in many ways it is one of the reasons I have not had many relationships and why they have never lasted long. I was always paranoid that they would laugh or think I was less than a man. MaleExtra has helped me to change all that. Compared to some penile pills and exercises, this dual action system works and give you a variety of benefits. After a month my penis size had increased by an inch, my penis was more trained and premature ejaculation became a distant memory.” – James Delton, Broker, USA, Orange County

28.  Cured erectile dysfunction

“I just want to thank you for the difference you have made to my confidence, stamina and overall penile health. Erectile dysfunction can affect any man and it can be soul destroying the longer it goes on. But your supplements and training exercises have made a real difference to my sex life. I am now in control of my staying power and premature ejaculations no longer exist. Plus managing to improve my orgasms and penis size has seriously sparked a side of me that I didn’t know existed. I am now no longer afraid to experiment.” – Toby Kiln, Electrician, USA, Baltimore

29.  Improved sexual health – prostate

“As I have gotten older, my penis has not worked like it used to – partly because of my prostate. After reading on the internet about the nutritional health benefits MaleExtra can have on your penile health I decided to give it a try and already my doctor has noted a difference in the health and inflammation of my prostate. Boosting my size by 2 inches has also been a complete bonus and has definitely added a little spice back into my relationship.” – Jason Maguire, Plumber, UK, Cardiff

30. Rapid penis enlargement

“It used to be embarrassing having a penis that is only 3 inches long when erect, but with MaleExtra’s support this is no longer a problem. I began taking MaleExtra 4 months ago and my penis has already increased in size by 3 inches. I still can’t believe how fast these simple pills have worked to enhance my penis size.” – Nick Cooper, IT Technician, USA, Los Angeles

31. Bigger penis

“What can I say... feeling self conscious about my penis size no longer influences my sexual performance. Since MaleExtra has helped me to boost my penis size by 2.4 inches, my sexual appetite has been unstoppable. Instead of wondering how they feel about my penis size, I have been able to train my penis, harden my erections and triple my staying power. It’s fantastic.” – Lee Bolton, Chef, USA,  California

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32. Harder erections

“I never put much thought into how my erections could affect my overall sexual experience, but MaleExtra has helped me to see how powerful having rock hard erections can be. Not only is my girlfriend experiencing extremely intense orgasms, but this increased sense of control that accompanies having a harder penis has helped me to even experience multiple orgasms. I’ll never doubt the benefits of penile training again.” – Carl Belton, Finance executive, UK, Lincoln


33. Increased stamina

“Wow.... I have only been taking MaleExtra for 4 weeks, but not only has my penis noticeably grown in size by an extra inch but my stamina has also rapidly increased. Neither me or my partner feels rushed into helping the other to climax faster. I am now able to take my time and ensure that she is fully satisfied, again and again and again.” – Taylor Rhymes, Product Manager, USA, Florida

34. Increased orgasms

“It wasn’t until I tried MaleExtra 3 and a half months ago that I truly realised what I was missing in the bedroom department. Initially I was only looking to train my penis and maybe enhance my penis size, but MaleExtra has managed to do all that and much, much more. So far my penis has grown by 2.6 inches in length, my erections have become harder, I am able to ejaculate further and more powerfully, and my orgasms have been mind blowing. Thank you so much.” – Kyle Lennings, IFA, USA, Alaska

35.  Multiple orgasms

“I am never going to joke about multiple orgasms ever again. I had always thought they were a made up myth to make guys feel inadequate, but since trying MaleExtra 2 months ago to help enhance my penis size, I no longer doubt their existence. Not only has my penis grown by 1.8 inches, but my erections are harder and more intense, my virility has increased bounds and my orgasms are simply incredible. I regularly experience multiple ones which has even got my girlfriend grinning from ear to ear.” – Toby Hitchcock, Business Executive, Australia, Melbourne

36.  Bigger ejaculations

“I began taking MaleExtra 4 months ago and didn’t initially put much merit into what their additional penile exercises could do. After all what difference can 8 minutes of penile training make? Yet I was pleasantly surprised to find that aside from helping to train the muscles within my penis and boost my length by 3 inches, the unique combination of MaleExtra’s nutrients with these exercises has helped me to attain bigger ejaculations. The volumes are immense, but are worth every mg to watch the smile on my partners face.” – Chris Wilts, Police Officer, UK, Essex
37.  Increased control and virility

“I love the control MaleExtra’s exercises have helped me to implement on my penis. I never expected to notice such a significant increase in libido, virility and my staying power, but these 34 simple exercises have helped me to harness my sexual appetite and experience wholly intense orgasms.” – Luke Cain, CEO, USA, Illinois

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38.  Trained penis

“I have used jelqing in the past, but have been pretty disappointed by the brevity of its results. MaleExtra helps to give you what is missing. The unique combination of its nutritionally enriched pills with its 8 minute exercises helps you first to increase your penile blood flows before helping you to train, improve and permanently enhance your penis size. It is astounding what simple procedures can help to dramatically improve your sex life.” – Ben Towers, Graduate, UK, Oxford